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The health of your eyes is not something to be taken lightly, and if you have any concerns about your eyes, it's important to get them addressed immediately. Our friendly, professional opticians can screen for potential problems and ensure that your eyes are in the best health possible.

We offer screening for diabetes, glaucoma and VDU patients. We have clinics for patients suffering from dry eyes or cataracts, and we can assist in identifying dyslexia, colour blindness and sports vision. Our opticians can also provide you with eye exercises and holistic care, as well as advise you about laser correction procedures.

Screening and treatment

We offer complete eye care service, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today if you require an eye test, or if you need new or replacement spectacles or contacts. We also offer a wide range of designer prescription sunglasses. Call or visit our Hammonds Practice or our Seven Sisters Practice today.

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Problems with your eyes can sometimes be a symptom of greater health issues. The reverse is also true; a number of health conditions can have an effect on the health of your eyes. Regular screenings can help prevent your vision from being seriously affected.

Your eyes can give you signs about your health

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